Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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Amazon Plans Streaming Video Alternative
Jeff Bezos' company would be determined to launch a new streaming platform financed through advertising and offered at a lower price than Netflix's, which could revolutionize the industry. »
TC TV's Experience at MIPCancun
Blanca Ugarte, director of Programming and Production at the Ecuatorian channel, spoke to ttv about her experience at the event's first edition and explained what she's now looking for in terms of content. »
Rede TV's Goals for MIPCancun
The Brazilian network's head of Acquisitions spoke to ttv at the event about his expectations and goals, and shared details about what the company is looking to acquire in Cancun. »
Online Media to Surpass TV by 2018
A new study by PwC about the future of media spending predicts the industry is approaching a significant tipping point: in 2018, internet advertising will be poised to surpass TV advertising. How should the industry prepare for it? »
Nielsen to Measure Digital Platforms
The audience measurer continues to adapt to new viewing habits, and is now adding streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon to its measurements. »
Discovery: Future of Advertising
Discovery Networks conducted a study with the Future Foundation in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa to determine what the future of advertising will be. Here are the main findings. »
Why Does Televisa Invest in Formats?
Eduardo Clemesha spoke to ttv and shared the reasons why a company with 50 years of successful business distributing telenovelas is now investing in entertainment formats as well. »

Bell Media has Secured Rights to Bosch
The company has acquired the rights to the Amazon Studios crime series in Canada. The pilot scored top viewer ratings earlier this year and the first season is set to premiere on 2015. »
Pay TV
9 Story's Series Hits Number One
Following the success of their animated series Wild Kratts, Kratt Brothers and 9 Story Media Group announced a series of new projects that aim to extend the brand beyond the television screen. »

Cote Ouest Audiovisuel Hosts 2 Workshops at Discop
Red Arrow takes Lilyhammer to MENA
SVOD platform icflix has picked up the rights to Red Arrow International's mobster series Lilyhammer for 23 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. »
Endemol Turkey Expands into Scripted
The company has landed two new primetime scripted commissions: Sparrow Palace for Star TV and Overturn for ATV. In addition, Broken Pieces, Endemol Turkey's first drama project will launch on Star TV in December. »

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Marvel Studios accomplished the impossible: to take its superheroes to the big screen in a shared universe. With one hit after another, the company revealed its movie lineup for the next four years. »

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A Collaboration-Based Future
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Planet Nemo Sets its Sights on Latin America

The French production and distribution company seeks to tighten the bond with the Latin continent through co-productions, a strate... »
The Stories Behind the Stories

Each day, thousands of Brazilian families tune in to TV Globo´s telenovelas. What is it that makes them so popular? Screenwri... »
Tokyo Broadcasting System: from East to West

Days ahead of the new Asia TV Forum (ATF), ttv spoke to Naoko Yoshida, director of International Program Sales and Media Bu... »
Satellite Operators Bet on Africa

Extremely diverse in terms of infrastructure and service development, the continent´s pay TV market is growing steadily, prov... »

A Collaboration-Based Future

MDA Singapore´s Yeo Chun Cheng offers a thorough insight on the country´s "vibrant and dynamic TV sector," focusing on its opportunities as a partner for international co-production projects.»

Distribution »
Red Arrow takes Lilyhammer to MENA
Endemol Turkey Expands into Scripted
Bell Media has Secured Rights to Bosch
Production »
Zodiak Rights, Stirling Television Sign First-Look Deal
HBO to Adapt Westworld
Braunschlag Will Have a US Remake
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9 Story's Series Hits Number One
Fox Could not Have its Utopia
AMC Buys Into BBC America
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Online Media to Surpass TV by 2018
Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings Reach Brazil
Today's TV Advertising Limbo
Cote Ouest Audiovisuel Hosts 2 Workshops at Discop
Greatness in Simplicity
Natpe Announces a Robust Lineup of Speakers
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YouTube Announces Music Key
Amazon To Debut New Pilot Wave
OTT and Tablets Mirror Ad Viewing on TV
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Discovery: Future of Advertising
Five Lessons from the 19th European TV Symposium
Facial Tracking and Neuroscience, BBC's Secrets
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Amazon Plans Streaming Video Alternative
Nielsen to Measure Digital Platforms
Netflix to Reach Australia and New Zealand in 2015
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Bad Year for Comedies: CBS cancells The Millers
Nielsen: "We Need New Ratings Standards"
Out of Home Viewing Matters
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