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Televix to Distribute Educational Series Dos y Dos
The distributor has worldwide rights for the Latin American Multimedia Corporation television series produced by KPBS, which introduces 2-5 year-old children to the use of English and Spanish.
ttv Newsroom
25/10/2010 05:56:00 p.m.
Educational series Dos y Dos
Televix Entertainment was appointed as exclusive global distribution agent for the television series Dos y Dos, a Latin American live-action television series that teaches English to preschoolers. With an attractive, talented and cool cast, Dos y Dos includes music, dance and vibrant colors to encourage children to speak both Spanish and English.

Appointed by the Latin American Multimedia Corporation, Televix Entertainment will work to ensure the global distribution of licensing opportunities for television networks and stations around the world. Televix also offers format rights for exclusive territories.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for Dos y Dos to be distributed by a highly respected leader in the television industry," said Joe Lizura, Executive Producer and CEO of Dos y Dos. "Hugo Rose and his team understand the market where Dos y Dos has entered better than anyone," he added.
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Dos y Dos is a program for preschoolers that is recorded in Spanish with several words and phrases spoken in English, enabling 2 to 5 year-olds to be entertained while they learn both languages. The premise of each episode revolves around the solution of "the riddle of the day". Combining singing and dancing, the characters Sofia, Fernando, Adriana and Andrés find five giant puzzle pieces that help solve the puzzle, revealing the topic or theme of the show for that day.

"Dos y Dos uses fundamental educational concepts for the development of young children," said the President of the Company, Everett Hernández. "Cultivating the imagination of children is important for the creative team and each episode reflects the creativity found on each and every young person."

"We are excited to work with such a high quality show for kids," said Hugo Rose, CEO of Televix Entertainment.

Dos y Dos premiered on television in early October 2009 on the LATV network. In May 2010, the series debuted on Telemundo in Puerto Rico, and in October 2010 it was scheduled to begin airing in the US through channel Sorpresa! The series has also been negotiated to be broadcast in several countries, including Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia.

The 60-member team behind the creation of Dos y Dos includes television executives, educational consultants and theater professionals. Each episode of the series is recorded at the KPBS studios in San Diego, California, and supervised by translators from Colombia, Mexico and Los Angeles.
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